Methane capture and destruction in Calle 100 and Gascon landfills (PIN/PDD)

Methane capture and destruction on Calle 100 landfill in Havana and Gascon landfill in Santiago de Cuba. Bundle CDM project

    The project activity is to build, operate and maintain a landfill gas (LFG) collection and flaring system on the Calle 100 landfill in Havana and Gascon landfill in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Possible uses for LFG include electricity generation for use at the landfill sites and/or supply to the local grid. The feasibility of electricity generation will be revisited once the project is fully operational. It is estimated that the project will achieve emissions reductions of more than 1,231,623 tCO2e over the period 2009 – 2019. Besides climate change mitigation, the project would have important local environmental benefits. Currently, most of the landfill gas is released into the atmosphere without any treatment or control. This implies a potential fire and explosion risk as well as bad odours. Moreover, landfill gas contains trace amounts of volatile organic compounds, which are air pollutants. The capture and flaring of landfill gas would greatly reduce all these risks and thereby contribute to sustainable development.

    Datos del proyecto

    País:  Cuba

    Tipo de proyecto:  Gas de rellenos sanitarios

    Tamaño del proyecto:  Grande

    RCE/año:  123,162 tCO2e/a

    Contacto:  Dr. Iván Relova -

    Estado:  Proyecto registrado - Emisión de CERs

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