Energas Varadero Conversion (PIN/PDD)

Energas Varadero Conversion from Open Cycle to Combined Cycle Project

    The project activity converts an open cycle thermal generation facility into a combined cycle facility that adds approximately 75 MW1 of generating capacity to Cuba’s electric power grid with minimal incremental additions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The equipment used is designed to provide a high level of availability; the project activity is therefore available to supply the grid as a baseload facility. For the foreseeable future, the project activity will allow an equivalent capacity of existing (relatively high GHG emitting) generating units supplying the grid to be taken out of service for such things as scheduled maintenance and/or to conserve (increasingly costly) imported fuel. Over the long term, the facility will continue to displace energy produced by other (relatively high GHG emitting) facilities supplying the grid and may also delay the need to construct additional generating capacity, depending on the country’s growth in electricity demand.

    Datos del proyecto

    País:  Cuba

    Tipo de proyecto:  Eficiencia energética

    Tamaño del proyecto:  Grande

    RCE/año:  342,235 tCO2e/a

    Contacto:  Dr. Iván Relova -

    Estado:  Proyecto registrado - Emisión de CERs

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